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Our Recycling Program

GreenSmartLiving is passionate about achieving a more sustainable way of doing business with the end goal of helping the planet. That is why we have created an awesome Recycling Program that rewards you for participating. It’s easy, it’s convenient, and most of all it’s responsible!

Our Recycle & Reward program is our way of saying thank you to all who want to protect this planet by keeping waste out of the landfills and cigarette butts off of our streets.

Follow the steps below to get started.

To see our retail store Recycle Program policy click HERE 

Receive 20% Off Your Next Online Order!

Our program is super easy and rewards consumers for recycling GreenSmartLiving e-cigarette cartridges. For every 50 cartridges sent back, we will email you a 20% OFF coupon to use on your next online purchase.

We know we hate to wait, so we don’t want you to.

To get your coupon quicker mail the cartridges back to us, then send us the tracking number. Once we receive the tracking number we will email you your 20% off coupon. This way you don’t have to wait for us to receive the recycled cartridges before getting your coupon. 

Just follow the simple steps below and start saving today!




  1. Send your empty refill cartridges and used batteries (A minimum of 50, sending more than 50 will still result in only one 20% off coupon) to the address listed below.
    • Attn: Recycle & Reward
    • GreenSmartLiving
    • 1404 Jefferson St.
    • Salt Lake City, UT 84115
  2. Complete the PDF form and send it with your refills to receive 20% off your next GreenSmartLiving online purchase.
  3. Coupon code must be redeemed through the GreenSmartLiving website.
  4. Limit of 1 coupon per return. All coupons expire 30 days after creation.
  5. Please allow up to 14 days for processing once returns are received.

*For any questions please call 1-801-747-9744 or email us at info@greensmartliving.com

To see our retail store Recycle Program policy click HERE 

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