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Our Story

Independent Rocky Mountain Company

GreenSmartLiving is an independent Rocky Mountain company founded in Salt Lake City in 2010. Our goal then remains the same today, to develop quality alternatives for adult smokers, while giving back to the planet we call home. Over the years we have helped thousands of people make the switch from combustible cigarettes and give them an opportunity to live a smoke-free life.

Quality of life is the single most important thing we have. That is why we work hard to improve yours with our smoke-free products, and environmentally conscious business model.

Independent From Big Tobacco

GreenSmartLiving is NOT associated with big tobacco and have been providing quality alternatives to combustible cigarettes for over a decade. We believe in offering environmentally responsible solutions with a strong focus on sustainability with our recycling programs.

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

– Robert Swan

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