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Dear Valued Partner,

Our GreenSmartLiving Recycle Program is a program that characterizes what our company values are all about. In 2010 we had two primary goals in mind when developing our product. The first was to create a smarter alternative to traditional cigarettes, and the second was to help reduce cigarette waste in our environment. For this reason, our Recycle Program was established for all our store locations. We want to thank all of you for maintaining this program and helping us reach one of our main goals. To date, GreenSmartLiving has recycled over ONE MILLION CARTRIDGES, and we couldn’t do it without you and our great GSL customers. 

As our business grows, we want to ensure we have the best policy to help our Recycle Program succeed. We are sending you this letter to inform you of a few policy changes to the Recycling Program. We want to reward you and your stores for participating in the program, but we also want to reward the final consumer for bringing in their cartridges to be recycled. Our Recycle Program takes two to make it work, and after evaluating the program, we have decided to make the following changes.

Effective immediately, our new policy will be as follows:

For every full GSL Recycle jug turned in, your store will receive TWO FREE BATTERY PACKS (retail value of $20) as well as a rotating FREE PROMOTIONAL PRODUCT that your store can give to its customers participating in the program. The promotional product can be anything from GSL shirts, GSL hats, carrying cases, chargers, etc.

The redemption process will remain the same as it is currently. Your rep will collect the used cartridges and return them to you. Once we receive the return, we will send you your free Battery Packs and promotional product directly.

We truly value our partnership and hope that providing FREE BATTERY PACKS and FREE PROMOTION MATERIAL reflects that. Please contact your rep for more details if you have any questions regarding the new program policy.

Thank you,


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