» The Great Outdoors – Redwood National Park

The Great Outdoors – Redwood National Park

Redwood National Park –Damnnation Creek Trail 

Whether it’s the steepness of the trail, size of the trees or views of the ocean, having the old-time expletive, damnation, in this hike’s title seems about right.

The size of the redwoods to begin this challenging 4.4-mile trail in Del Norte Redwoods State Park is nice, but what makes this hike unique is that it drops all the way down to an overlook and rocky beach on the Pacific.

The ocean’s blue lights up giant ferns and pink and purple rhododendron blossoms on clear days as the smells of salt and wood waft together. As you get toward the bottom, the redwood forest gives way to a more coastal setting of gnarled Sitka spruce and manzanitas.

After reaching an overlook of the Northern California coast, and exploring the beach at low tide, you must turn around and hike 1,100 feet back uphill. It’s enough to make anyone say: Damnation!

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  1. Randon Jorgensen says:

    Beautiful spot!!!!

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