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You might have seen in the news recently about a “vape mail ban” that was passed as part of the COVID relief spending bill. We wanted to explain what this means for you and GreenSmartLiving. 

First and foremost, GreenSmartLiving will continue to operate and be here in the long term to serve our customers. 

GreenSmartLiving is focused on compliance, and all of our sales are in strict accordance with age verification rules, state bans, restrictions on sales, and excise taxes.

Summary of Industry Changes

The new law classifies vaping products as combustible cigarettes and places them under old laws to ensure that sales and taxation are addressed properly. This law is referred to as the PACT Act. The United States Postal Service created its final ruling for restricting vape products in October 2021. 

It was announced by UPS and FedEx that they would also be changing their policy to not ship vaping products. Please note, this is strictly an internal policy decision by UPS and FedEx; they can legally still carry vaping products.

GreenSmartLiving will be working with specialist carriers that can collect the required adult signature on delivery. Initially, we will not have access to the whole country, so we won’t be able to serve our entire customer base. If you are out of our shipping territories, you will not be allowed to purchase during checkout. However, as these carriers’ coverage expands, we will email you to confirm that we can ship to you again.  

Changes to our Free Shipping policy

GreenSmartLiving has always offered free shipping on orders over $15, unfortunately, our shipping cost have tripled due to this new regulation and we will need to alter our policy. Moving forward GSL will offer a tiered shipping system. The new shipping tiers will be based on the dollar amount spent. For orders under $80 shipping is $5.99. For orders $80 – $150 shipping is $4.99. For orders over $150 shipping is FREE. We are willing to absorb the vast majority to show our commitment to our customers, however, we can no longer absorb the entire cost on all orders

As a smaller company, these new shipping prices have almost made it impossible to continue shipping online, but we are willing to absorb as much of the cost as we can to continue providing you with smarter alternatives to traditional cigarettes. We would suggest ordering more so it lasts longer and saves on shipping costs. 

GreenSmartLiving has always sought to be compliant, and you will not notice a change in the products or the service you receive. 

 If you have any questions, reach out to our Help Desk for more information.

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