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FAQs about our E-Cigarette product line

Is the refill not working, or is it hard to puff?

Sometimes the e-liquid gel solidifies inside the cartridge, not burning when puffed. How to fix this:

  1. Remove the cartridge from the e-cigarette body.
  2. Tap the white end of the cartridge 5 to 10 times against a hard surface, like a table, desk, or tile floor, to loosen up the clogged e-liquid inside the cartridge.
  3. Screw the cartridge back into the e-cigarette’s body and puff again.

It should vapor smoothly after that. 

How much nicotine is in each cartridge? 

We offer five tobacco-free nicotine levels, Salt Nicotine (50mg), Max (24mg), High (18mg), Low (6mg), and Zero (0mg). High nicotine refills are comparable to the amount of nicotine delivered by a “regular” pack of cigarettes. Low nicotine refills are similar to the amount of nicotine provided by a “light” pack of cigarettes.

How long should the battery last? 

Short term, your battery should stay charged for a full day if you are a frequent smoker. Long-term, the battery can last from 1 to 6 months without needing to be replaced.

We have a 30-day warranty for batteries that do not last as long as they should (refer to our support page). We suggested having one battery charging and one ready to smoke for our frequent smokers, so you never have to wait for the battery to finish charging.

How do I know if I need to change the cartridge? 

When the cartridge is empty and you try to vape, it will no longer produce any vapor or taste.

What kind of rechargeable battery is it, and can I recharge it before it is empty? 

We use a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery in our e-cigarette. You can recharge the battery anytime, and it will not compromise the charging capacity or shorten the life.

Does the light blink three times after a long puff? 

If you take a longer-than-average e-cigarette puff, you might see the green light blinking three times. This indicates that the battery needs a little rest to reheat the atomizer again. Solution: Try taking shorter puffs. The battery and refill life will be extended if you avoid topping off the heating capacity of the e-cigarette battery and atomizer.

Do I need to unscrew the refill from the battery when I’m done smoking?

No, it is not necessary to do so. You can keep the refill screwed into the battery body, and it will not damage the device. We recommend keeping the refills away from high heat to preserve the freshness of the e-liquid inside. Some customers say that keeping the clear plastic cover the refills come with and covering the end tip up when not in use makes the refill last longer and taste better until the end.

What makes GSL different from every other E-Cig?

  1. Best price for exceptional quality.
  2. Eco-friendly business model. We have donated thousands of trees and recycled over one million cartridges. 
  3. Trust, we’ve been in the market since 2010 and have always met all FDA requirements.


FAQ about our Company in General

DELIVERY TIME: Online Orders, Order Fulfillment, and Shipping times

Online orders are downloaded from our servers and processed during business hours. Business Hours are Monday through Thursday from 9 am until 4 pm and Friday from 9 am until 2 pm MST. During our business hours, all online orders are processed at 8 am. Most orders placed within our business hours will be processed and mailed within one day. If an order is placed during the weekend, it will be processed on Monday morning.

Where can I find retailers in my area?

On the GSL website, click the FIND A STORE link at the bottom of any page. From there, you can type in your zip code and see if there are retailers in your area. We recommend calling beforehand to ensure the store carries the product you are looking for.

Our electronic cigarettes are spreading fast, so if you are still looking for a retailer in your current area, check back frequently; chances are there will be one soon.

Also, you can recommend our e-cigarettes and accessories to your favorite smoke shop or convenience store and help be a part of our movement.


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