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USPS Shipping Ban


During the final days of 2019, Congress passed a massive budget bill that included a ban on shipping vapor products to consumers through the USPS. Before the new regulation goes into effect, the US Postal Service is posting its proposed rule to gather feedback from the public. This is a normal part of the rulemaking process and provides an opportunity to point out deficiencies or conflicts that a new rule may suffer from. In this case, the publication is largely Pro-forma as the directions from congress (at least some of them) are clear: Ban shipments of vapor products to consumers.

The USPS is seeking input on a few key questions. They involve the use of the term “tobacco product” and other issues related to weights-and-measures. While feedback from the public at this stage may not have a substantive effect on the final rule, there is a dire need for consumer stakeholders to make their voices heard–to both the USPS and members of Congress.

Click HERE to see a detailed alert on this issue and submit a message. CASAA is providing specifics about what USPS is looking for in comments as well as an easy form to use for sending messages to both USPS and members of Congress.

Picking apart the deficiencies in a proposed rule can be difficult, but don’t let that stand in the way of making your voice heard. Stick with what you know and keep it simple. It’s up to all of us to change the narrative about the people who make, sell, and use vapor products and why these products are working.

Click HERE to submit a comment.

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