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How To Shop During A Pandemic

Strange times call for strange measures, over the last few weeks most people have been called on to isolate themselves as much as possible due to Covid 19.

We have seen a spike in our online ordering and wanted to show you a few ways for you to save money at GreenSmartLiving when ordering online. Typically we suggest our retailer’s partners sell their GSL products at $13.49 for refills, while online we sell at $14,49. We do this as to not undercut our retail partners and give customers an incentive to buy from their local store, however in a time like this going to your local store isn’t the best idea, so we wanted to show you how to save money when ordering online at GSL. In many cases, you can actually get your cost under what the stores are charging while making a difference in our community. Below are ways to save your hard-earned money:

FREE SHIPPING – GreenSmartLiving offers free shipping on every order so when shopping online you don’t need to spend more money just to get your product to you. We also offer hassle free returns to take any risk out of your purchasing experience.

RECYCLE PROGRAM – GreenSmartLiving is passionate about achieving a more sustainable way of doing business with the end goal of helping the planet. That is why we have created an awesome Recycling Program that rewards you for participating. It’s easy, it’s convenient, and most of all it’s responsible! Our Recycle Program is our way of saying thank you to all who want to protect this planet by keeping waste out of the landfills and cigarette butts off of our streets.

Our program is super easy and rewards consumers for recycling GreenSmartLiving e-cigarette cartridges. For every 50 cartridges sent back, we will email you a 20% OFF coupon to use on your next online purchase. That brings your cost per refill pack down to $11.59 and you would save almost $30 on a sleeve of refills (10 packs)!

POINTS & REWARDS PROGRAM – GreenSmartLiving wants to thank you for your loyalty and support. That’s why we’ve developed a rewards program with you in mind. From now on, all of your purchases will earn you points that can be redeemed for discounts. Here’s how it works:

  • Every dollar you spend on GSL product is equal to 1 point
  • For every 100 points, you receive $1 off
  • See how many points each product is worth

 ONLINE SALES – When you sign up for our mailing list you will be notified about all online sales and product information. We do monthly sales and you’ll only find out about them from our email list or social media, these sales are all ONLINE ONLY.

When you combine all of these money-saving programs, ordering online can save you more money than shopping at your local store. Not to mention ordering from the comfort of your home is always better than battling traffic and crowds.

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