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Charity Numbers – Wildlife SOS

Wildlife SOS is a great organization that GreenSmartLiving has donating to for a few years now. We love their drive and determination in helping animals in need. Below is a rundown from 2019 that describes the kind of work they do and how much they were able to accomplish last year.   

  • They rescued 6 very needy elephants (Luna, Kalpana, Daisy, Jasmine, sweet Bella and Ramu) That brings them to 28 elephants in our care.
  • They launched the Refuse to Ride campaign. Now tourists are getting educated on the horrors of elephant rides, and telling their friends “refuse to ride!”
  • They protected a wild herd of 20 elephants. The innovative combination of education and mobile alerts is allowing elephants and people to live in harmony.
  • They celebrated the tenth anniversary of the rescue of India’s last dancing bear, but we remained diligent and rescued 5 performing bears from the India/Nepal border. They now provide quality lifetime care for 250 sloth bears.
  • They released endangered star tortoises into the wild that had been smuggled as part of the pet trade.

Peoples donations and kindness saved leopards, bears, tortoises, monkeys, elephants and everything in between.

In this next year, they plan to build on the success made possible in 2019, and these new accomplishments start with the rescue of Karma. She is old, blind and deserving of some mercy in her life. Their goal is to bring her to our hospital campus within the week. More than three-quarters of what we need to send our ambulance and team for her. Can you help Karma today? If so please go to https://www.wildlifesos.org and help any possible.

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