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Vaping In The News

You might have noticed the vaping industry has been in the crosshairs of the FDA lately and we wanted to take a moment to clarify a few things for our customers.

In the few months there have been many reported cases of “vaping related illnesses” and when you hear about them in the news they are often described as e-cigarettes which can blur the lines between a company like GreenSmartLiving and other vape, or e-liquid companies. 

Even though everything falls under the “vaping” umbrella there are two very different categories in the industry. E-cigarettes, which is what GreenSmartLiving is referred to as are generally used by adults who are current smokers looking for smoking alternatives. E-cigarettes typically resemble the shape of a traditional cigarette and are regulated devices. They are regulated due to the fact that you can NOT add your own liquid, or burn the liquid at higher temperatures. GreenSmartLiving has fully cooperated with the daily request and requirements of the FDA. We produce all of our products at the best factories in the world with the highest standards and each product is shipped to you unaltered and sealed by the factory.

Besides e-cigarettes the other vaping category is what is called a Mod. Vaping with mods allows you to put whatever liquid you want into them and in some cases consumers are making their own liquids. When you do this you open yourself up to many risk and this is what we are starting to see. The large majority of these cases are reported to have occurred when consumers have vaped bootleg juice, or THC (marijuana) with a vitamin E acetate added. Some of these issue are also due to consumers modifying their devices. When a consumer modifies their device it allows for a higher vapor production which can be too much for some peoples lungs as well as too much for mod batteries causing them to rupture.

What the news has gotten right

Some companies in the industry have enabled the rise of youth vaping and this is something GreenSmartLiving stands against. We use the top age verification companies in the world to prohibit any underage purchases online, while only selling to distributors and stores with tobacco selling licenses. Since 2010 when we started we have never been about targeting non-smokers in hopes of getting them to vape. Our goal from the beginning has always been to give current smokers an alternative to smoking. We provide you with a product that gives you the control, you have the control to lower the nicotine levels you consume. This is why we have products ranging from 5% nicotine down to 0% nicotine.

Many e-liquid companies survive by selling flavored nicotines that often appeal to the younger generation. Flavors such as cotton candy, bubblegum, blue slushy and creme brulee riddle the shelves attracting younger consumers and this is the reason that cities and states want to ban flavors all together. GreenSmartLiving has never and will never produce candy style flavors that often attract younger consumers. 

Besides giving current smokers an alternative to cigarettes and providing them with products that don’t create second hand smoke, or cigarette smell, we also strive to keep cigarette butts out of our environment. For years GreenSmartLiving has promoted our recycling program which to date has eliminated what would be over one million cigarette butts from our streets.  We enjoy hearing the stories of your journey and encourage you to leave reviews on our site. 

We hope this has cleared up any concerns you might have had due to vaping being in the news lately, if you have any other questions we would love to answer them for you. You can call in at (801)747-9744 or email us at info@greensmartliving.com

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