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Salt Lake County Animal Services

Our Charity of the Month is Salt Lake County Animal Services. Take a look at what this great organization does.

  • Salt Lake County Animal Services is the premier animal service agency in Utah:
    • They are the largest no-kill shelter in the State of Utah
    • They have a full-service, full-time veterinary clinic to care for their animals
    • They have a 24/7, 365 days-per-year field operation
    • They host / participate in 200 community outreach events annually
    • They are recognized nationally for their cutting-edge programming
    • They have dedicated volunteers log tens of thousands of hours annually
    • Microchips & vaccinations are free to via their voucher program
    • They have been named “Best of State” six out of the last eight years.
    • They have had a commitment to operating a “no-kill” facility since 2011. Their live release rate surpassed 94% in 2017. They are the largest shelter in Utah to achieve this status.

What do they do at the shelter?

  • Offer pet adoptions
  • Provide pet licensing
  • Enforce animal-related city and county ordinances
  • Provide shelter for all types of lost and abandoned pets
  • Investigate complaints of animal cruelty, abuse, and neglect
  • Respond to emergencies involving injured or aggressive animals
  • Offer humane education programs for schools and community groups 
  • Provide humane euthanasia at the request of pet owners
  • 24/7 Field operations and enforcement
  • Animal care and sheltering
  • Pet Licensing
  • Onsite veterinarian and clinic
  • Pet adoptions and placement of animals with rescue groups
  • Volunteer and foster programs
  • Community issue focus programs
  • Community education, media, and outreach events
  • Emergency planning

As you can see Salt Lake County Animal Services have a lot on their plate and are always in need of donations and volunteers. SLC Animal Services is not alone, hundreds of shelters similar to them need help in your area. We encourage you to take a look at your local shelter and see how you can help give back to these organizations that do so much for our animals.

This year GreenSmartLiving will be attending the SPAYghetti & No Balls fundraiser to help cover the costs of spay/neuter surgeries, microchips, and vaccinations for 700+ owned animals each year that come from low-income homes. By sterilizing a pet, we can prevent hundreds of homeless pets from entering the shelter each year.

For more information go to https://slco.org/animal-services/calendar/SPAYghetti—No-Balls/?dt=8/2/2019

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