» GreenSmartLiving Charity of the Month – The INN Between

GreenSmartLiving Charity of the Month – The INN Between

GreenSmartLiving Charity of the Month – The INN Between

This months charity is one that really goes unnoticed. The mission of The INN Between is to end the tragic history of vulnerable people dying on the streets of communities by providing a supportive and safe haven for individuals who have nowhere else to go in time of medical crisis.

The INN Between opened on August 17, 2015 to end the tragedy of about 50 people dying on Salt Lake City area streets annually. As the first hospice for the homeless in Utah, and the United States, The INN Between is dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable place where Utah’s homeless men and women can experience the end of life with dignity, receive professional hospice services, and be surrounded by compassionate people who care.


The INN Between’s 15-bed home, in the former Roman Catholic Convent, is like a “surrogate home” to people who have nowhere else to go as they face a medical crisis. This program also addresses the social injustice of homeless individuals lacking access to hospice care which is a guaranteed medical benefit for all Americans, but one that is home-based and cannot be delivered in shelters or on the streets.

The purpose is to be a place of peace and refuge for people suffering from advanced disease or injury who have no where else to go. Therefore, The INN Between accepts clients who require temporary housing to:

  • Recover from an acute illness, trauma or surgery,
  • Undergo intensive curative treatment such as chemotherapy,
  • Receive palliative care (care that eases pain and symptoms rather than focusing on a cure),
  • Receive end-of-life hospice care (for individuals determined to have fewer than six months to live).

The INN Between provides the basic needs such as meals, clothing, bedding, laundry, and personal hygiene items.


In addition, their small staff and large team of volunteers “House Mates” go above and beyond the basic needs to provide companionship, emotional and spiritual support, music therapy, pet therapy, activities, acupuncture, reiki, massage, salon services and other services and therapies that improve quality of life while relieving pain and anxiety.

The INN Between strives to reconnect clients with estranged family members to widen their social safety net and allow for the opportunity to begin the emotional healing process and mend old wounds before death. After one of the residents dies, they write an obituary and post it on their website, hold a community memorial service, and place a name plaque in the memorial garden.

To help and learn more about this great operation please go to The INN Between.


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