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Give Back This Thanksgiving

Give Back This Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving GreenSmartLiving has decided to give back. We have donated over 100 meals to the Salt Lake City Mission and The Rescue Mission of Salt Lake. Every day can be tough for our nations homeless and the Holidays prove to be an even tougher time. Often times with no family, no shelter and no food these precious individuals are left alone, cold and hungry during the Holidays. Donations and volunteers are in high demand during these times and for as little as $1.00 you can provide one meal for someone in need.

We encourage all of you to look into the charities and rescue missions in your area. We have highlighted a couple in our city and are proud to work with them to provide much needed meals for the homeless. Take a look at these special organizations and see how you can help.

Rescue Mission of Salt Lake

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Operating since 1972, the Rescue Mission of Salt Lake takes care of Utah’s most vulnerable populations in two major ways: emergency services and addiction recovery. Emergency services include day and night shelter for people who are homeless, three hot meals a day, showers, clothing, laundry facilities and employment counseling – all for free. For those who are struggling in our community, we also offer family food boxes, each of which provides 20 meals, and sack lunches to take to work.

These services are meant to restore dignity and foster trust, so that we can introduce our homeless and low-income friends and guide them out of poverty. For those whose homelessness is caused by addiction, they run a year-long New Life recovery program, which changes lives by helping people off the streets and into housing, employment and restored family relationships.

How To Help

All of these efforts are funded by private donors: local businesses, churches and individuals like you. They have never received any government funding in their 46 years of existence and plan to keep it that way.

Please support the Rescue Mission of Salt Lake this month. You can mail a check, make an online donation or call our finance office (801-746-1006) to make a secure gift by credit card over the phone.

Salt Lake City Mission

Salt Lake City Mission is a non-profit Inner-City Church based Rescue Mission Ministry. They are called to minister to men, women and children in the Salt Lake Region who are caught in the cycles of poverty, hopelessness, and dependencies of many kinds.

They provide the basic essentials like: food; clothing; blankets; sleeping bags; hygiene items to the homeless and others in need. They have services that assist in crisis intervention and counseling, job counseling and placement, educational assistance; birth certificates & I.D assistance. They offer a residential rehabilitation program to men who are struggling, and those who are desperately in need of a renewed life. They have a daily shuttle service bringing the homeless to our Day Center to seek assistance through the support programs we offer.

They are committed to help those who are destitute and homeless change their lives, and again become self-sufficient, productive members of society.

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