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Summer Drinking Games

Top 5 Summer Drinking Games

With Summer right around the corner we thought we’d put together a list of the best Summer drinking games. So, grab some friends, drinks and get outside and make some memories.

5) Cornhole

Cornhole is the staple game of any tailgate party so it deserves a permanent spot on our Best Drinking Games list.  It’s probably the most popular, being super easy to learn and the most fun, with or without being liquored up.

Two raised rectangular boards, each with a hole on the far end (the ‘cornhole’), are placed 27 feet apart. Players take turns to toss bean bags (or other soft missiles) towards the opposing board, scoring 3 points if the bag lands in the hole and 1 point if the bag lands on the platform. The first to 21 points wins. Points offset each other, so if team A has three bags on the board and team B has 2 bags, team A will end the round with one point.

Gear required: Two boards, 4 bags each team, beer.

4) Beer Pong

This is also a game that you can play with up to 8 people (who all get to drink beer). So, after you’ve drunk some beers, fill up a few plastic cups (with beer) – it really doesn’t matter how many cups, as long as they are arranged in a triangle (usually six or ten). Each player (or team) takes turns to shoot or *bounce ping-pong balls into their opponent’s cup and then when the target has been achieved, the player then has to drink the cup’s contents. The empty cup then is removed from the table. The first player (or team) to eliminate the other team’s cups wins.

Gear required: 1 table (around 6′-8′ long), six, ten (or more) disposable plastic cups (eg. red Solo cups) – plus a cup per team (for rinsing the ball with water between plays), ping pong balls, beer.

*If a team bounces a ball in a cup it counts for two cups, however the opposing team can swat a bounced ball. Bouncing is usually done when the other team isn’t paying attention. Rules do change from house to house and many house have their own rules that can be slightly different.


This is an accurate flying disc game suited to parking lots tailgate parties.  The player needs to aim the disc at a slot on specially manufactured cans and plunk it into the cans. You can score by knocking a frisbee into the open can (3 points), or get by hitting the can (1 Point). If the frisbee makes it in the can slot the game is automatically won by the throwing team. It is challenging, needs an accurate throw and great fun and the winners of each round really earn their beers.  This is available online, but of course if you can make your own version from a couple of Frisbees and a beer box with a wide slit cut in it with a box-cutter. Transfer the contents of the aforesaid box to a cooler and drink the contents as you play rewarding each successful throw with a bottle.

Gear required: 2 frisbees or other flying discs, 2 cans with slits and weighted at the base so that they don’t tip over, or you can just by a kit online.

2) Dizzy Bat

Dizzy Bat involves spinning and drinking, a perfect combination. A player starts off by chugging a beer then spinning around with their head on a bat ten times. Once they are done spinning a teammate tosses them their empty can and the spinner tries to hit it. If they miss they have to spin around three more times and try again.

You can do this solo, or make it a relay team game, either way someones getting hurt and thats funny.

Gear required: Bat or stick, beer can

 1) Frisbeer

Teams consist of two players each, standing together on the same side of the court. The goal is to score points by knocking the bottle off the post on the other side of the court. However, there are some stipulations.

Each player can only use one hand to play. The other hand must be holding your beverage of choice. Usually beer, hence the name.

Teams alternate Frisbee throws, taking turns between teammates. For example, you throw first, then your teammate throws on your next turn, so on, and so forth. Teams may not obstruct the opposing teams throw in front of the post. Basically, no NBA-style blocked shots.


  • 1 point is scored by your team if you throw the Frisbee, it misses the post, and the opposing team fails to catch it.
  • 2 points are scored if the bottle falls to the ground as a result of your throw.
  • 2 points are scored by the opposing team if they catch the bottle before it hits the ground.
  • No points are scored if a throw is deemed “uncatchable” by all players. For example, the Frisbee hits the ground in front of the post.
  • The first team to 21 wins.

Gear required: 2 poles or ski poles, Frisbee, can/bottle

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