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Craft Beer Culture – Cambirela Brewing

Craft Beer Culture – Cambirela Brewing

You shouldn’t judge a beer by it’s cover, but in this case we are. We haven’t tried any of the beers that Cambirela makes, but judging by their labels we love it! The brand is called Cambirela and it is a microbrewery from Santa Catarina in the south of Brazil. As you can see their designs are fun and scream let’s party. Let’s take a look at the three styles of beer that they offer:

Kapiwara – Witbier:

Represented by a capybara, it’s made with cassava and seasoned with coriander seeds and orange peels. You can feel the sweet malt balanced with citrus touches of the orange.

Taurô – Belgian Blonde Ale:

Represented by Brazilian’s folklore elements, it’s a full-bodied golden beer with fruity and spicy aroma, complex, elegant, with a hint of noble hops, creamy and persistent foam, with a sweet and slightly alcoholic ending.

Tubá-Nharô – Session IPA:

Represented by a shark, it’s a light beer with hops character, for those who want to explore this ingredient. The aroma and flavors are dominated by tropical fruits and the bitterness is clean and subtle. Refreshing, light and aromatic.

We don’t know how to get your hands on these fun beers, but if you find out let us know!


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