» Highlining – These Aren’t Your Average Slackers

Highlining – These Aren’t Your Average Slackers

The fast growing sport of Highlining is showcasing some of the Rocky Mountain’s beautiful locations, one extreme picture at a time.

Highlining is an outdoor sport in which people traverse large, elevated gaps on a 1 to 2 inch polyester nylon webbing. Sounds a lot like tightrope walking, yet it differs in a few important ways. Unlike the rigid line used in tightrope walking, highlining uses a dynamic line that offers flexibility and movement. The concept of balance is still the same, however, Slackers use the give and take in the rope to move their body around as a balanced center of mass, whereas tightrope walkers use a pole to center theirs.  Slackers also love to do more than just walk the line, they perform acrobatics, ride the flex, find their piece using yoga poses, and even “Lawn dart” off for a thrill. If highlining sounds a bit extreme for your taste start low by slacklining only a few feet off the ground.

Highlining has become embedded in the Rocky Mountain States due to the amazing locations offered; from Golden Colorado to Moab Utah. The thrill of highlining offers a new outlet to enjoy while spending some more time in the amazing places our nation has to offer.  The more we focus on enjoying the outdoors, the more we can change the focus towards preserving it. If you plan on adding some highlining to your next Rocky Mountain trip, which you should, contact Rocky Mountain Slackline here.

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