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Craft Beer Culture – Full Sail

 Craft Beer Culture – Full Sail Brewing Company

For those of you who have not had a full sail beer, you are really missing out. While many breweries can produce a wide variety of flavor profiles, Full Sail sticks to a select few brews and focuses on getting each batch perfect. They don’t have seven lagers, they have one damn good one. This company is also 100 percent employee owned, so you know that each beer is made with care, and that your purchase goes to supporting all 47 employees at the brewery.

On the environmental front, Full Sail has been ranking up green awards for years. Most recently being named one of the Top 10 Sustainable US Breweries by Triple Pundit, and a Gold Level of Recognition from Travel Oregon. They do this by putting a focus on efficiency. While average breweries consume six to eight gallons of water per gallon of beer produced, they have reduced consumption to less than three gallons. They also continually purchase wind power each month, reducing their carbon emissions to as low as possible. They alter their work weeks to four 10-hour shifts. This reduces their power consumption by 20 percent, and allows for a high-quality of life for their their employees.


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