GreenSmartLiving Gives Back

At GreenSmartLiving we believe in constantly making small conscious living actions, that when combined, will improve the world for current and future generations. That is why we have teamed up with Trees For The Future and pledged to donate & plant 1 tree for every online order that we receive.

Below you can watch our progress as we strive to hit 10,000 trees this year. You can help us out any time you’d like by making a purchase at or by sharing the link. For more information on Trees For The Future click HERE.

Trees Donated

This Month


This Year

Other Charities
The Boot Campaign

Every year we try to donate to The Boot Campaign. Their mission is to promote patriotism for America and our military community; raise awareness of the unique challenges service members face during and post-service; and provide assistance to military personnel, past and present, and their families.

Charity Water

Recently we had the pleasure of working with Charity Water. It is a nonprofit on a mission to bring clean drinking water to every person on the planet. Through charitable donations they’ve funded over 19,819 water projects in 24 countries so far.

National Wildfire Prevention

Wild Fires happen every year destroying so much of our beautiful planet. One of our favorite local charities focuses on wild fire prevention through increased awareness & educational programs.

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