GreenSmartLiving Immunity 30 mg CBD Shot With Vitamin D


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GreenSmartLiving – Immunity 30 mg CBD Shot With Vitamin D

PEAK IMMUNITY by GreenSmartLiving is a vitamin-fortified drinkable shot with CBD. These are perfect for those looking to get their daily vitamins along with the benefits of pure HEMP CBD. All three shots are effervescent, tasty, and pack the most potent CBD and vitamins you will find in one convenient 2 oz shot.

Vitamin D is essential to maintain healthy bones and teeth and is also known to protect against a range of diseases and conditions. Recent research shows that around 77% of Americans are vitamin D deficient, particularly in the winter. Vegans face an even greater challenge because the only good food sources of vitamin D are animal products — until now.

Our Vegan Society approved organic Vitamin D3 is the only organic algae Vitamin D3 that can be used as a one-to-one replacement for animal-sourced D3. Better yet, because it’s derived from a sustainable, organic algae source, our shots offer superior purity and quality to lanolin D3. Our fully traceable supply chain is pesticide, protein, and heavy metal compliant. This naturally-flavored apple shot is perfect for when you’re ready to wind down for the night.

Get support throughout your day with our delicious, apple-flavored, Immunity Vitamin D Shot.

Try All Three!

Our citrus-flavored Immunity Vitamin C shot is ripe with vitamin C from organic Amla fruit and 30 mg of CBD.

Our berry-flavored Immunity Vitamin B shot is loaded with vitamin B1 & B6 and 30 mg of CBD.

Our apple-flavored Immunity Vitamin D shot is infused with Vegan Society-approved organic algae vitamin D3 and 30 mg of CBD.