GreenSmartLiving Immunity 30 mg CBD Shot With Vitamin B


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GreenSmartLiving – Immunity 30 mg CBD Shot With Vitamin B

PEAK IMMUNITY by GreenSmartLiving is a vitamin-fortified drinkable shot with CBD. These are perfect for those looking to get their daily vitamins along with the benefits of pure HEMP CBD. All three shots are effervescent, tasty, and pack the most potent CBD and vitamins you will find in one convenient 2 oz shot.

Vitamin B1, thiamin, or thiamine, enables the body to use carbohydrates as energy. It’s said to be essential for glucose metabolism and is known to play a key role in nerve, muscle, and heart function. Vitamin B6 is involved in amino acid metabolism, red blood cell production, and the creation of neurotransmitters. B6 is often used to treat over 100 health conditions, ranging from heart disease to mental depression to kidney stones to memory loss.

Get support throughout your day with our delicious, berry-flavored, Immunity Vitamin B Shot.

Try All Three!

Our citrus-flavored Immunity Vitamin C shot is ripe with vitamin C from organic Amla fruit and 30 mg of CBD.

Our berry-flavored Immunity Vitamin B shot is loaded with vitamin B1 & B6 and 30 mg of CBD.

Our apple-flavored Immunity Vitamin D shot is infused with Vegan Society-approved organic algae vitamin D3 and 30 mg of CBD.